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The Spawnies invite you to nominate your favorite video games from 2022 for their very own biscuit. Follow us on Twitter to submit your picks each week from now until October 30.

2021 Winners "And the biscuit goes to..."

The Spawnies is a unique awards show, honoring the flavor and spice of the gaming industry. You’re a part of that flavor, and you can help us reach all corners of Brookago.

About The Show We Are The Culture!

The Spawnies allows game developers and artists to talk about the process of making these pieces of art – both new faces and creators you’ve loved for years. Our show also brings world premieres to surprise + delight new fans. We bring culture that is often pushed to the side to take center stage.

Watch the awards show live from Twitch on Monday, January 31 at 6pm PT, and hear what’s been cooking in Brookago on our weekly podcast.

Your Host Kahlief Adams

Born and raised in the Bronx, Kahlief Adams is an avid technophile and lover of all things video games. He set his career path in the direction of a life making games until he found out his archnemesis, Math, had other plans in store.

So instead he created an award-winning gaming podcast called Spawn On Me – from which The Spawnies gets its name.

Your Host Riana Manuel

Riana has seen many sides of the gaming industry first-hand, including localization, production, and marketing on beloved IP's such as Halo, Ori, and Tell Me Why. She has also combined her Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion education with her passion for games on shows like What's Good Games, Kinda Funny, and Inside Gaming. Today, Riana brings her talents to the team at G4.

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